Crystallographic Software Fayre

Wednesday, 18-8-2021

10:20-11:05h Tutorial Session

"Olex2" (Horst Puschmann)

11:05-11:50h Tutorial Session

"NoSpherA2: non-spherical form factors in Olex2" (Florian Kleemiß)

11:50-12:35h Tutorial Session

"lamaGOET - an interface for quantum crystallography" (Lorraine Andrade Malaspina)

14:55-15:40h Tutorial Session

open slot

15:40-16:25h Tutorial Session

"Atomic pair distribution function (PDF) in the cloud" (Simon Billinge)

16:25-17:10h Tutorial Session

"Advanced modeling of nanostructure from Atomic Pair Distribution Functions (PDFs) using Diffpy-CMI on Windows 10" (Simon Billinge)

17:10-17:55h Tutorial Session

"Crystallography online by the Bilbao Crystallographic Server" (Gemma de la Flor Martin, Mois I. Aroyo)