National Single Crystal X-ray Facility, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Bruker Kappa Apex II

The Bruker Kappa Apex II diffractometer was installed in 2010. It is equipped with a sealed X-ray tube (Mo radiation) and a Triumph monochromator to increase the intensity. The detector is a very sensitive Apex II CCD detector. The diffractometer is equipped with a Oxford Cryosystem liquid nitrogen cooling for measurements at low temperature. This diffractometer is routinely used for all kinds of organic and organometallic crystals.

Bruker Proteum

The Bruker Proteum diffractometer (installed Dec-2009) with very intense Cu radiation is especially suited for protein crystallography. It is also very useful for small and weakly diffracting crystals in chemical crystallography.

Low temperature crystal mounting

Air and temperature sensitive crystals can be handled under a stream of nitrogen during crystal mounting [see T. Kottke, D. Stalke, J. Appl. Cryst. 26 (1993) 615-619].