ECACOMSIG - the European Crystallographic Association's Computing Special Interest Group
diagram of punched paper tape from Bletchley Park Website
Crystallographic software (mostly developed in Europe):
CCP4 (macromolecular)

CCP4 Bulletin Board

Mosflm (data processing)

XDS (data processing)

CCP14 (powder and small molecule - site is no longer maintained actively)

Jana (Modulated and other difficult structures)

SHELX (structure solution and refinement)

Crystals (structure solution, refinement & visualisation)

The Bari Group software:

SIR 2011(small molecules)

il Milione (macromolecules) and

EXPO (powders)

Platon (multi-purpose crystallographic tool)

Olex2 (structure solution, refinement & visualisation)

Bilbao Crystallographic Server (many useful crystallographic tools)

Crystallographic software (mostly developed in the rest of the world):
PHENIX mailing list archive

PHENIX (macromolecular)

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